Living with a Star


Solar Flare

Sun in different filters

To the unaided eye, space appears to be a vast, dark void, and the Sun a tranquil sphere of light. But in fact, space is not empty because Earth’s orbit lies within the atmosphere of our dynamic Sun. Our Solar System has the cosmic equivalent of wind, clouds, storms, and hurricanes called space weather. It’s one of the consequences of living with a star.

The Great Escape The Great Escape
Light takes hundreds of thousands of years to get from the fusion core of the Sun to its surface. See if you can do better in our solar maze.
Our Place in Space Our Place in Space
Explore the Milky Way in this interactive. Can you find the Sun?

Near & Far Near & Far
Place objects in order from closest to farthest from you.
Near & Far Small & Large
Place objects in order from largest to smallest.

Wrath of Ra Wrath of Ra
Try to hit Earth by launching particles off the Sun. If you hit Earth, you may cause an aurora!
Wrath of Ra Solar Vision
See if you can find objects that only can be seen through a certain filter.

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