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This page contains solar images taken from a variety of sources. Click on the thumbnails for more information and higher resolution images. Please note the copyright information given with each picture: images from NASA missions are generally public domain, but it is requested that the mission and instrument teams be credited.  
  A coronal mass ejection captured by the LASCO C1 and C2 coronagraphs onboard the SOHO spacecraft on June 2, 1998 (see below).

Sun-grazing comets, from the LASCO coronograph on board the SOHO spacecraft.. A coronal mass ejection captured by the LASCO coronagraphs on board the SOHO spacecraft.
An erupting prominence, from the EIT instrument on board the SOHO spacecraft.. A x-ray image of the sun, taken by the soft x-ray telescope (SXT) on board the Yohkoh spacecraft.
An image of the sun taken in H-alpha. The sun in white light, showing sunspots.

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