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An x-ray image of the sun, taken by the soft x-ray telescope (SXT) on board the Yohkoh spacecraft. A high resolution GIF image can be found here. From the Yohkoh SXT web page:

The Extended Solar Corona

This is an X-ray image of the sun taken on 8 May August 1992. The image was made up from two pointings of the spacecraft, one to the east and one to the west, to capture the distant corona far above the sun's limb.
This version of the image has been corrected for instrumental effects and processed to enhance various solar features.

The Yohkoh/SXT teams request that the following information be included when these images are used:
The solar x-ray images are from the Yohkoh mission of ISAS, Japan. The x-ray telescope was prepared by the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, and the University of Tokyo with the support of NASA and ISAS.

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