A Family Guide to the Sun

A Family Guide to the Sun is an innovative collection of puzzles, pictures, poetry and projects all designed to stimulate enjoyable co-learning experiences between kids aged 6-13 and the caring adults in their lives. The Guide assumes little or no prior knowledge about the Sun or astronomy in general, and in fact addresses many popular misconceptions. It focuses on four general themes:

The Sun as a star
The Sun’s connection to life on Earth
The Sun’s “motion” in the Earth’s sky
The Sun’s 11-year cycle of activity

The Guide includes several innovative activities that engage multiple learning modes, a detailed FAQ, a glossary, and tips for adults on guiding inquiry-based learning experiences, as well as dynamic imagery, and fun elements such as cartoon host characters, Solar Max and Solar Minnie. The goal of the Family Guide to the Sun, and of all of SSI's Family Guides, is to creatively combine play and learning to make science fun and accessible to all learners.

Full Version - 2.28mb PDF

Puzzle Page - 1.82mb PDF
Explore the sun with Solar Max and Solar Minnie. Play games, figure out puzzles, and venture through the Sun maze!

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