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Attention Space Science Organizations, Schools, & Planetaria

Bring Space Weather to life at your site in time for the upcoming 2001 Solar Max!

  The Space Science Institute's portable Space Weather Exhibit.

Through the Space Weather Outreach Project, SSI has developed a space weather portable exhibit for science and education meetings, spacecraft launchings, planetaria shows and trade shows. This easy to assemble portable is engaging and educational and designed for the general public.

Visitors will learn about:

  • the dynamic interaction between the Sun and Earth, and
  • solar cycles, sunspots, and where space weather is monitored
  • The effects of the 2001 solar maximum
  • the electrical and magnetic changes that take place in space that can affect people and equipment on Earth as well as in space
  • the cause of the greatest light show on Earth - the spectacular Aurora

Size: 8' (height), 14' (length), 3' (depth)
Shipping Crates: 3 100 lb. shipping crates
Hours to Set up: 2 people for 2 hours
Assembly Manual Provided

If you are interested in renting this exhibit, please contact us at
or via e-mail


  The Space Weather Center is brought to you by the Space Science Institute as part of the National Space Weather Program. Funding is provided by NASA and the National Science Foundation.  

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