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The Space Weather Center is ideal for both small science centers as well as larger museums. It can be displayed in a compact 13x30 foot layout, or expanded into a larger space. The exhibit may be rented or copies purchased outright.  
  A coronal mass ejection erupting from the sun. Courtesy LASCO/SOHO.


Rental cost is $9,500 (including $2,375 deposit) plus inbound shipping (1/2 van). Rental period is 12 weeks.


Copies of this exhibit may be purchased.


Exhibit footprint is 13x30 feet, minimum. A 750-1000 square foot or greater room with 12-foot ceilings is recommended.


For more information contact: Susan Solari, Public Relations Manager Space Science Institute (303) 492-5184

Available beginning March, 2000.


  The Space Weather Center is brought to you by the Space Science Institute as part of the National Space Weather Program. Funding is provided by NASA and the National Science Foundation.  

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