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Video Stations

Our Dynamic Sun

This video program allows visitors to access spectacular imagery of the Sun from NASA spacecraft. Visitors can see sunspots and solar flares close-up, and see the sun in amazing extreme ultraviolet and X-ray images. They can marvel at magnetic loops and watch massive solar eruptions. One can also see how solar activity differs during solar minimum and solar maximum, and watch as the Sun swallows a comet.

Sun-Earth Connections

This high-resolution video presentation features stunning footage of how solar activity impacts Earth. The video includes clips showing how coronal mass ejections explode away from the Sun, travel through space and interact with Earth's magnetosphere -- our magnetic shield that protects us from dangerous solar wind radiation. This video allows the visitor to sample the greatest light show on Earth - the spectacular swirling and shimmering aurora -- through the lens of an IMAX camera taken in Greenland! One can also see a model simulation of a magnetic storm and listen to a space weather report given by Bob Ryan, meteorologist from NBC TV in Washington DC.



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