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The Space Weather Center is an interactive, traveling exhibit developed in partnership with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).  
  The Space Weather Center (as seen through its plasmasphere).

The exhibit is modular and can fit between a 750 to 1500 square foot space. The exhibit introduces visitors to space weather - disturbances in space driven by the Sun - and the role it plays in their everyday lives. It incorporates near real-time data from NASA /GSFC missions currently studying the Sun and near-Earth space environment.

Key Elements

The exhibit is comprised of:

  A 180 degree panorama of the Space Weather Center exhibit.

The exhibit is available for rent or purchase. For more information contact us at (303) 492-5184 or via e-mail at


  The Space Weather Center is brought to you by the Space Science Institute as part of the National Space Weather Program. Funding is provided by NASA and the National Science Foundation.  

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