Science Briefs provide concise science background information, with subject headers and an on-line glossary, on the basic concepts and effects of space weather. Science Reports cover a large array of topics on space weather and the excitement of space weather missions. Reports are more in-depth articles than science briefs.

Science Briefs

Our Changing Sun
An introduction to our closest star.
Planet Earth: A Great Magnet
Earth's magnetic field extends far into space, where it blows and twists in the solar wind.
Auroras: Billboards for Electric Space
The stunning auroras are evidence of the interaction between the solar wind and Earth's magnetic field.

Science Reports

Observing Sun-Earth Connections by Dan Baker, University of Colorado, Boulder

We now have an armada of spacecraft in position to study the upcoming solar maximum.
Storms in Space by Ramon Lopez, University of Maryland, College Park

It isn't just earthbound weather that can affect our lives.
Giant Eruptions from the Sun by Nancy Crooker, Boston University

Scientists now know that huge bubbles of material erupting from the Sun can cause space weather.

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